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IV Therapy

Modern life can be stressful, exhausting, and generally tough on the body. Sometimes, you need a boost, and IV therapy can provide that. For many, getting IV drips when you are not sick can seem strange. That is because many people believe you only receive IV drips for medication. In reality, they can also facilitate the quick transfer of vitamins and nutrients inside the body.

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What Are the Vitamins and Nutrients Provided via IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV therapy can address numerous conditions and provide numerous benefits. You can choose the specific health benefits it will provide by working closely with specialists.

Let’s talk about the different vitamins and nutrients you can receive via IV therapy. Learn more about them below and select the specific mixture that can help you the most.

For Skin Rejuvenation

First, you can get an IV drip specifically formulated for skin rejuvenation. Substances included in those IV drips are glutathione and vitamins B12 and C.

Vitamin B12 is a critical addition to those IV drips because it boosts collagen production. Increased collagen levels can make your skin stronger and more flexible. Aside from improving collagen production, vitamin B12 also helps with moisture retention. Your skin withstand prolonged sun exposure thanks to vitamin B12.

The vitamin C in your IV drip is also great for boosting collagen production. On top of that, vitamin C can brighten your skin and protect it better from the sun’s harsh rays. Vitamin C can also help eliminate your dark spots and wrinkles.

Glutathione can also transform the appearance of your skin. To be more specific, the glutathione in your IV drip excels at skin brightening. It can also effectively address your dark spots.

For Energy Boosts

Working long hours five days a week and completing other chores unrelated to your job can take a huge toll on your energy levels. If you are still in your twenties, bouncing back from that packed schedule may not be an enormous challenge. As long as you have decent meals and get sufficient sleep, your energy levels should return to normal fairly quickly.

Regaining your energy becomes harder as you grow older. That is where IV therapy can prove quite useful.

Speak to specialists and request IV drips containing B-complex vitamins if you wish to boost your energy level and sustain that increase. B-complex vitamins offer numerous benefits that can improve your energy levels.

Vitamin B1 can help your body process the nutrients you ingest more effectively. Enhancing your body’s nutrient processing can translate to you gaining more energy. Increase your energy reserves to get more things done.

You may also find vitamin B7 in IV drips. Instead of directly increasing your energy levels, vitamin B7 works by improving your metabolism. Faster metabolism can help you recover from that post-meal haze. You can get more things done throughout your workday thanks to that metabolism boost.

Vitamins B1 and B7 are only two ingredients that allow IV drips to double as energy-boosting supplements. Those drips contain other ingredients that should help sustain your new energy levels.

For Immune System Reinforcement

IV vitamin therapy can do more than rejuvenate your skin and boost your energy levels. You can also try this therapy to reinforce your immune system. The amino acids and B-complex vitamins in some IV drips can help with that issue.

Amino acids such as histidine, lysine, and threonine are known for their immune-boosting capabilities. Other amino acids can also indirectly strengthen your immune functions. Leucine can regulate your body functions by controlling your blood sugar level. Valine speeds up tissue regeneration, which should prevent certain issues from affecting your immune system.

When it comes to the B-complex vitamins, you should ask your service provider if your drip contains vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 features antioxidant properties that can remove the free radicals inside your body. Those free radicals are troublesome because they can contribute to the development of various diseases.

You should also check if your drip contains vitamin B9.  Vitamin B9 in your treatment mixture is highly beneficial because it promotes cell growth. It also helps regulate your red and white blood cell levels. Confirm that vitamin B9 is in your IV drip so you can bolster your immune system even further.

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, boost your energy level, or reinforce your immune system, you can use IV therapy to get what you need. We at KarasMatic Day Spa offer IV therapy at both our Bayport and Port Jefferson, NY, offices. Contact us today and set your IV treatment appointment at your preferred location!