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HydraFacial Long Island

Get the best skin of your life with HydraFacial! Only HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate with super serums made with nourishing ingredients that create a beautiful, gratifying glow.


Despite how all of this sounds, the extraction part of HydraFacial treatment can be quite relaxing. The entire procedure is painless, and the suction even produces a gentle sensation that soothes your skin.
The final phase of your HydraFacial treatment involves hydration. At this stage of your treatment, the specialist will use moisturizers to nourish and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. Note that your specialist will administer moisturizer products that work best for your skin.

The effects of your HydraFacial treatment will last for at least one week, but they can easily remain visible longer. In some cases, the effects remain visible for a month. Work closely with treatment experts to ensure you get the most out of your HydraFacial appointments.

I just had a hydrafacial by Emily at this spa and it was absolutely amazing! i give it a 5 star experience...from the service to the professionals working, all around had a great time and left with my skin glowing. Emily was very informative as well as helpful to suggesting certain products needed for my skin type. i look forward to making my next appointment. Gabby T.
Karasmatic Day Spa is so cute! Great services offered and friendly staff! I recently had a hydrafacial here with Brittany G. Brittany assessed my skin and its needs and took the time throughout the hydrafacial to explain each step she was performing. The experience was so relaxing and my skin was GLOWING once she was done. She is so knowledgeable with skin care and really is the best at what she does, you can tell she really loves helping her clients reach their skin goals! Highly recommend her for facials and Karasmatic Day Spa! Cass K.

What Are the Benefits of HydraFacial Treatment?

Signing up for HydraFacial appointments can work wonders for your skin. Still, you may be curious about the specific benefits that the treatment can provide. Go through the sections below to learn more about HydraFacial’s benefits.

Acne Reduction

Although many think of acne as a skin problem limited to a person’s teenage years, that is not always the case. Wearing oily makeup and touching your face without cleaning your hands can also lead to breakouts. Acne breakouts may also be related to weather.

Regardless of why you experience frequent acne breakouts, you can expect HydraFacial treatment to address it. A HydraFacial can prevent breakouts by removing impurities from your pores. Your skin will feel clean and clear following your treatment.

Dark Spot Removal

Skin discoloration can be symptomatic of numerous health conditions. If you are not experiencing symptoms aside from discoloration, there is a good chance the issue is related to skin irritation, sun damage, or trauma. In the case of trauma, the discoloration may take the form of scarring.

HydraFacial can also address discoloration. More specifically, the exfoliating during HydraFacial treatment should remove the discolored spots on your skin. The hydration can then restore your skin to look healthy again.

Deep Pore Cleaning

There is no getting around the fact that clogged pores are unsightly. The clogged pores on your nose may appear more prominent when set against your otherwise flawless skin. Allowing the impurities to stay in your pores for too long can also lead to them becoming blackheads or whiteheads.

The suction provided by HydraFacial treatment can remove the impurities inside your clogged pores. Do not worry because the suction will not cause your pores to enlarge. They will still be normal-sized after treatment.

Fine Line and Wrinkle Elimination

Most people consult cosmetic specialists to reduce their fine lines and wrinkles. You will be glad to know that a HydraFacial can also help with that. The rejuvenating effects of treatment can soften your fine lines and wrinkles to the point they are barely visible.

The hydrating effects of this treatment can also work wonders for your facial features to appear more prominent.

Skin Tightening

Last but not least, HydraFacial treatment can also be useful for addressing sagging skin. Sagging skin is often a byproduct of aging, and HydraFacial treatment can do something about that. The hydration during a treatment session can restore your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Schedule regular treatment appointments to maintain your skin’s youthful bounce.

HydraFacial is the innovative anti-aging treatment you have been looking for. Avoid missing out on its remarkable benefits by working with us at KarasMatic Day Spa. Call us today and schedule your HydraFacial appointment at either our Bayport or Port Jefferson, NY, location!