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Emsculpt Neo

Achieving your ideal physique takes a lot of dedication and discipline. In some cases, you may also require special treatment methods such as Emsculpt Neo. Truthfully, even if you diligently follow a good diet and exercise plan, your genes can still prevent you from getting the body you want. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help in that scenario.


The results of HIFEM+ are well worth highlighting. According to this review published by the National Library of Medicine, HIFEM+ reduced fat by an average of 30% and cultivated muscle by 25% across several clinical studies.

Those results explain why trying a treatment approach that features HIFEM+ is worth your time. Experience the results of HIFEM+ yourself by consulting the specialists in your area.

Went to Ashley at Karasmatic for EmSculpt Neo on my abs. I feel stronger in my entire core after completing the sessions. The winter is when I workout the most, and this brought my abdomen to the next level. During one of the sessions I did teeth whitening at the same time, was great to get two services done together to save time. Highly recommend this place for EmSculpt and highly recommend Ashley, her knowledge in skin and body is unmatched. Love her Robert B.

How Are Radio Frequency Technology and HIFEM+ Integrated Into Emsculpt Neo?

Both RF technology and HIFEM+ can be key contributors to your body sculpting plan. Emsculpt Neo relies on both to help patients burn fat and build muscle. So, how does Emsculpt Neo pull that off?

To begin treatment, your service provider will select the appropriate applicator for your requested form of body sculpting. The appropriate applicator will depend on which part of your body requires treatment. A small applicator may suffice for muscles along your arms and legs, while edge applicators are great for tough-to-reach spots. The large applicators are reserved for the belly and back.

Once they select the appropriate applicator, your service provider can switch it on to start your treatment. The applicator will send radio frequency and electromagnetic waves into your body as soon as it is engaged. The radio frequency waves will take effect first.

Think of the radio frequency treatment as your warm-up. The heat generated by the radio frequency waves directly affects your muscles by increasing their temperature. Increasing muscle temperature is critical for optimizing the results of your workout. You can get better results from exercising by simply preparing your muscles beforehand.

The workout itself comes courtesy of electromagnetic waves produced by HIFEM+. The continuous contractions provided by Emsculpt NEO keep your muscles stimulated. They can grow stronger within a shorter amount of time, thanks to stimulation provided by the radio frequency waves.

By the way, your fat cells are also affected by the radio frequency and electromagnetic waves generated by HIFEM+. The radio frequency can also warm up your fat cells, making them more susceptible to elimination. The contractions produced by HIFEM+ can work with the heat to burn your unwanted fat.

Why Is Emsculpt Neo Superior to Other Body Sculpting Treatments?

The results provided by Emsculpt Neo are reason enough to buy into it. Still, you may wonder if it is the best option available for body sculpting.

To answer that question, we must highlight some of the advantages Emsculpt Neo provides. Take the time to read up on those advantages to understand why Emsculpt Neo is right for you.

Emsculpt Neo Is Non-Invasive

Many people prefer Emsculpt Neo because it is a non-invasive option for body sculpting. You do not need to rest at home for an extended period following treatment. If you wish to continue your day after treatment, you are free to do so.

Emsculpt Neo Can Be Quickly Administered

You should also consider trying Emsculpt Neo because it will not take up a lot of your time. On average, treatment sessions featuring Emsculpt Neo only take around 30 minutes. Rest assured that 30 minutes is enough time for qualified professionals to ensure you get the best results from your treatment.

Emsculpt Neo Is Painless

Concerns over painful treatment can cause some people to shy away from body sculpting. Pain will not be an issue with Emsculpt Neo. Expect to feel no pain for the duration of your treatment. You also will not deal with any lingering discomfort after your treatment.

Emsculpt Neo Produces Long-Lasting Results

Lastly, you should use Emsculpt Neo for body sculpting because it produces long-lasting results. Count on your ideal physique becoming a fixture of your everyday life after you start your Emsculpt Neo sessions.

The dream body you have always wanted is now within your reach. We at KarasMatic Day Spa can help you achieve your ideal body using Emsculpt Neo. Contact us today, and let’s schedule your Emsculpt Neo appointment at our Bayport, NY, office!