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Kara faced and overcame her own self esteem issues when it came to the management of her skin and wanted to share the impact skincare made on her with anyone facing similar issues. So, she continued her education and went on to attend NYIB, graduating in 2008. That same year, Kara took the bold, brave risk and opened her own two treatment room spa as the only therapist. Fifteen years, two locations, twenty two therapists later and with hard work and dedication, her dreams have come true.

In her spare time, Kara likes spending time with her family and friends, being active outdoors, traveling, and great food and wine. She is beyond grateful to all of her supportive and loving clients, family, and friends for their continued trust and loyalty, and looks forward to the coming years and serving all of the valued clients of KarasMatic Day Spa, present and future.

Our Team


Emily has been part of our KarasMatic team for over 4 years. Her passion for skincare was prompted by her own journey of trying to find effective ways to treat her own troubled skin. She embarked on a holistic approach, concentrating on diet and organic skincare. Her positive results encouraged her to want help others achieve healthy, clear skin. She’s the acne “guru” & her favorite treatments we offer are microneedling & clear & brilliant.

Having worked on the medical side of treating skin, she learned the value of combining treatments to obtain positive results.
Emily’s career has taken her to Florida, Australia, and Boston, but now she’s here to stay on Long Island. “Working at KarasMatic, in such a positive and nurturing environment, has made my desire to help clients feel good in their own skin, all the more joyful.”


A graduate of New York College of Health Professionals, Alaine pursued her desire to help people feel their very best. As a seasoned massage therapist, Alaine customizes treatments to accommodate the needs of each individual. Whether someone seeks pure relaxation or wants specific concerns addressed, she’s able to plan a course of action to ensure a positive and productive outcome. “I feel extremely grateful to work in such a positive and nurturing environment. Helping people feel good is one of the happiest, most fulfilling parts of my work.”


Karen has been part of our Karasmatic Day Spa family for more than 7 years. With never-ending passion for all things skin, she takes pride and joy in helping people achieve their best complexions.

A graduate of the New York Institute of Beauty, as well as a former Clinic teacher at the same school, Karen has been able to realize a dream of being able to serve people in a way that makes a difference. “Our face is our calling card. We don’t remember what color nails someone has but seeing pretty, clear, glowing skin resonates with all of us.”

Karen believes that everyone can have great skin even if you weren’t born with it. “Self-care, including a consistent, results-driven facial routine is the path to beautiful, healthy skin”

These concepts go hand in hand and come from seeing her clients grow to love their skin more and more, time and time again.


Linda is a graduate of The New York College of Health Professionals, 2008. She specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and incorporates an instinctual blend of massage techniques depending on the clients specific needs.

Linda works to create a calming and nurturing environment for the client to feel safe and at ease. She truly believes that healing begins when the body is relaxed.


Daniella is a certified Holistic Health Coach and an ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner. She works with her clients providing the necessary tools to help them heal emotionally and physically through the implementation of integrative nutrition and energy healing. Her unique approach allows her to weave these teachings together to inspire deep and sustainable change.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach, she has learned the healing power of nutrition, mindset, relationships, and the use of non-toxic products.

As an ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner, she has learned that our stored emotions impact our energetic and physical body. When you experience physical pain, your body is telling you there is something deeper going on and it’s important to go below the surface. There is an underlying issue and it is important to get to the root cause of the problem.

Daniella believes that “Being healthy is more than just nutrition and exercise. Being emotionally balanced and aligned, and understanding the power of our thoughts is essential to true health and overall well-being.”


Ashley is a NYS Licensed Esthetician and Skin Coach specializing in results-driven skincare. She has a customized approach that takes a holistic view of the body, lifestyle, skin history and products being used to restore balance, educate the individual and set you up for success in your daily beauty habits.

Beauty product junkie & sun-worshiper turned skincare expert & SPF advocate. Her absolute favorite treatments offered at Karasmatic Day Spa are the DMK Facial, Microneedling and Clear + Brilliant laser — which completely changed her skin last year!

Ash is a skincare & beauty enthusiast, mental health advocate, mama, explorer, creator, connector, hat-lover, Scorpio, and avid vintage shopper.

Ash comes up with a step-up style plan that works for your lifestyle. This means it’s a slow burn and we’re here for the long game – she’ll gradually introduce products into your routine step by step in time. Ashley’s services reflect her higher esthetics education and unyielding passion for an elite quality of care. Ashley’s personal philosophy is to understand the whole skin and body story so that she can create a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your goals.


Meet Alexa, she has been with Karasmatic Day Spa for 3 years now. Alexa found her love for skincare and self care as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life. As an Esthetician her main goal is to have her clients leave glowing inside and out. Alexa is known for her luxury facial massage.
 Alexa’s treatment of choice is Microneedling or the Deluxe Platinum Hydrafacial. Alexa loves working with her clients to help them achieve their best skin and give them confidence. Alexa loves partnering with her clients to create a skin care regimen that addresses their skin concerns; whether it’s aging skin, acne, texture or hyperpigmentation. Alexa believes getting monthly facials and using a steady skincare regimen is essential to seeing the best results.
When she’s not at work you can catch her being a Mom to her adorable son Angelo, hanging out with Family.

Dr. Bennett

Norman R. Bennett, MD, received his MD from Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 1982 after first attending New York University (NYU). He had further training at NYU Medical Center and then went on to a medical residency and internship at Bridgeport Hospital-Yale New Haven Health in Bridgeport, CT.

After starting a private practice specializing in vascular and wound care medicine, Dr. Bennett added aesthetic injectibles to his practice.

An expert when it comes to proper injection technique, he is able to redefine and enhance the contours of the face, leaving his patients looking natural and refreshed.

Kelsey, RN BSN

With over 16+ years of education in the aesthetic and medical fields, Kelsey has been able to integrate her studies focusing on a wholistic approach to healthy hair, skin + scalp. Her treatment plans combine:
– Subtle enhancements utilizing cosmetic injectables
– Collagen stimulating technologies to regenerate tissue
– IV infusions of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to reverse cell damage
– Natural-ingredient based home prescriptives to address signs of aging from all angles.

Kelsey’s goal is to enhance each individuals natural and unique features. She believes in  Combining Results driven anti-aging treatments that will restore lost volume and reverse signs of aging without altering your natural appearance.

Book a consultation with Kelsey to discuss  realistic and attainable results driven treatment combination options!


Carolyn, a 27 year veteran in massage therapy, is a local Bayport-Blue Point graduate and a graduate of New York College.

Specializing in deep tissue, sports, and medical massage, as well as swedish, prenatal, hot stone, and aromatherapy massages, Carolyn’s focus is to allow her clients to live their best, active and pain-free lives.

When she’s not working with clients Carolyn is happily focused on spending time with her family, grandkids, travel and staying healthy with yoga and kickboxing.


Meet Loni Catalano, Your Skincare Expert 🌟 With 22 years of experience under her belt, Loni is a seasoned esthetician and licensed cosmetologist as well as a talented makeup artist. A proud graduate of BOCES in 2001, she’s been on a mission to bring out the inner radiance in everyone she serves. Loni is a firm believer in the transformative power of self-care. She knows that true beauty comes from within and that the key to looking and feeling your best starts with nurturing your skin – your body’s largest organ. Her passion lies in helping clients feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. She’s dedicated to creating a space where self-care is celebrated, and where her clients can embark on their own journey to self-love. When you choose Loni, you’re not just getting a skilled esthetician; you’re gaining an advocate for self-care and a partner in your path to radiant, healthy skin. Join her in embracing your unique beauty and discovering the magic of self-care. Let’s unlock your inner glow together.


Vince is a holistic health-care practitioner integrating three separate, yet related practices that each deal with body, mind, and spirit from a different angle: massage/myofascial release therapy; Transcendental Meditation (TM); and Ayurveda (a comprehensive system of natural health care). Each of these three components of Vince’s holistic practice relieves clients of physical and emotional stresses stored in the mind and body, resulting in a more focused, enjoyable way of living in tune with nature with less pain and anxiety, thus naturally promoting a more spiritual existence.


A Connecticut native, Jill has been a Licensed Esthetician for more than 30 years. With a passion for skincare and makeup, she opened her own business in 1993, creating the day spa she’d always dreamed of owning. As a spa owner, Jill continued to expand her knowledge and talent as she grew her business.

After meeting her husband, a Long Island local, Jill closed her spa and relocated to the South Shore. Desiring to work in an environment that resembled the one she’d created in her own business, she found Karasmatic.

Jill enjoys educating her clients in the best course of action to achieve their skin goals both in-spa and at home. When she’s not working, she enjoys her family and friends, and most especially her 2 Boston terriers.


A graduate of New York Institute of Beauty, Gia was motivated to become an esthetician as a result of the many challenges with her own skin.

Having struggled with cystic acne and uneven skin texture for many years, Gia tried everything from dermatologist prescribed medications to social media skin care trends. Seeing no improvement in the health of her skin she decided to learn for herself about how our skin functions and how to get and keep healthy skin.

“Learning about how to successfully treat my skin gave me the confidence to share my knowledge and help others achieve their best complexion.” And the education never ends. “I’m so grateful to be part of an amazing team who I continue to learn from.”


Madeline Martinez is a Physician Assistant and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

A graduate of SUNY Stonybrook with a degree in Health Sciences, she also received her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, with particular interest in facial rejuvenation and biofunctional medicine.

With extensive experience in clinical medicine, dermatology, laser medicine, esthetics, and surgery, Maddy joined the Karasmatic team in 2020.

Madeline’s passion lies in helping patients look and feel their best. She believes that thorough consultations with patients, really listening to their concerns, then tailoring individual treatment plans, as well as artistry, is how you achieve superior results.

Madeline is bilingual, speaking Fluent Spanish.


With over 15 years of experience, Arianne is a seasoned massage therapist dedicated to promoting holistic well-being and vitality. Her passion for vibrational healing allows her to offer a unique and transformative experience to her clients. As a Reiki Master and intuitive healer, she channels healing energy to address both physical and energetic imbalances, guiding the body towards optimal health and inner harmony.

Arianne offers a variety of massage and bodywork modalities, including swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, cupping, aromatherapy, prenatal, and sports massage with stretching techniques, tailored to meet each person’s individual needs and preferences. Whether you seek relaxation, pain relief, or enhanced athletic performance, she is committed to providing personalized care and support.

In addition to traditional massage services, Arianne also offers specialized treatments such as sound healing, tuning fork therapy, and intuitive healing sessions. These sessions integrate the power of touch, sound, and energy work to facilitate deep healing and transformation on all levels.

Lauren, RN BSN

IV Vitamin Specialist & Novice Cosmetic Injector at Mane + Medi. Lauren is a registered nurse in the operating room for nearly a decade. A few years back, she began working part time administering IV vitamin infusions. She quickly grew a passion for vitamin therapy after seeing the improvements it was delivering to her patients.While working in the wellness environment, Lauren had the opportunity of being exposed to the beauty aspect of well-being which has led to begin her mentorship and training toward becoming a cosmetic injector. She is looking forward to adding these services to her portfolio in the near future! Book at both KDS locations or in the comfort of your own home!