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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hairs can pop up all over your body, and the sight of them can be distressing. If you prefer not to worry about the impact those unwanted hairs can have on your appearance, you should strongly consider laser hair removal.

I've been going to Karasmatic day spa since they opened 12 years ago and they never disappoint!! I've done just about every treatment they offer; laser hair removal, waxing, massage, facials and the results always exceed my expectations. i absolutely love the hydraFacial and most recently did the clear and brilliant and let me just say, wow, i didn't know my skin could look this good. Emily is the bomb, she's my go to for facials. The Laser hair removal changed my life, Kara set up a treatment plan for me and ive never been happier, i saw results after the first treatment! Melissa A.

Why Should You Choose Laser Hair Removal Over Other Treatment Options?

Relying on lasers to remove your unwelcome hairs is a great idea, but it is not the only option to consider. We have already mentioned that longevity is a major selling point, but are there other reasons to stick with laser hair removal treatment? Laser hair removal provides other benefits; you can check them out below.

Immediate Results

Plenty of people prepare for summer by exercising more often. They want to feel confident wearing their new swimsuits, so they get in some extra workouts. While all that exercising has allowed you to fit in your new swimsuit, your confidence may still become low by the sight of some unwelcome hairs.

Do not let those poorly placed hairs keep you from looking your best this summer. Sign up for laser hair removal so you can quickly remove those hairs. You can even get the treatment done a few days before your beach outing and still count on seeing remarkable results.

Minimal Discomfort

Laser hair removal also stands out as a great way to eliminate unwanted hairs because it causes minimal discomfort. You may only experience a bit of warmth and a slight pricking sensation during treatment. That sensation also quickly disappears as you settle in for laser hair removal.

Following your session, the treated areas may feel a bit raw, but that is it. Even the raw sensation should fade not long after your treatment.

Other hair removal methods are not quite as gentle. They can be difficult to endure if you are experiencing them for the first time.

No Required Downtime

Certain hair removal methods can be difficult because of their lingering side effects. For example, waxing may leave patches of your skin feeling raw for a while. You may need to avoid exposing them for a couple of days because of their heightened sensitivity. That required downtime can cut into your routine and make hair removal more troublesome than needed.

Downtime is unnecessary with laser hair removal treatment. As soon as the immediate side effects of your treatment subside, you should move around like normal again. The treated patches of your skin will not cause pain even if they come into contact with some rough surfaces.

Ingrown Hair Prevention

Ingrown hairs often result from previously removed hairs growing incorrectly. Once a curved hair follicle starts growing hair again, there is a chance that the growth angle may point into your skin instead of upward. If your hair continues to grow in the direction of your skin, it may burrow into those layers and get stuck. What you have at that point is an ingrown hair.

The emergence of ingrown hairs along the surface of your skin can lead to increased itchiness and discoloration. Your skin may also become more susceptible to infection because of the increased scratching prompted by the ingrown hairs. Avoid dealing with ingrown hairs by requesting laser hair removal. Destroy the follicles of your unwanted hairs so they cannot cause problems if they grow back.

How Should You Prepare for Treatment?

Laser hair removal is not something you should sign up for on a whim. You must prepare for your treatment session by following a few simple steps.

First, you should take the time to look for experienced service providers. Accidents can happen if you let people without adequate experience handle your treatment. The minimal savings you get from partnering with them are not worth the increased injury risk.

Limiting sun exposure before treatment is also recommended. It would be best to avoid the beach if you already have an appointment coming within the next month or so.

You may also need to stop taking certain forms of medication before your hair removal appointment. Speak to your specialist to check if any medications you are taking now may cause issues.

Take those necessary precautions, and your laser hair removal should go as expected.

Stubborn and unwanted hairs can cramp your style. Prevent them from affecting your appearance by scheduling a laser hair removal session. Contact us today at KarasMatic Day Spa, and we will handle your laser hair removal appointment. You can also stop by our office in Bayport, NY, to discuss your treatment!