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Skin rejuvenation devices are getting more and more advanced. Perhaps no other device better embodies that exciting trend than the Morpheus8. For those unaware, Morpheus8 relies on Microneedling and radio frequency technology to deliver skin-rejuvenating results.

Absolutely the best spa around! The staff is so accommodating and friendly from the moment you book your appointment to all of the amazing therapists(Kara, Karen, and Emily)for your services. I love all of the DMK facials, dermaplane, and Morpheus laser to help prevent aging concerns and keep your skin healthy and glowing. The spa is clean, comforting and you always leave feeling relaxed and renewed. I can’t wait for my next appointment. Thank you Karasmatic Day Spa! Wioletta S.
I recently started using Kelsey at Karasmatic Day Spa for my botox treatments. Kelsey is absolutely amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough but also warm and caring. I have difficult areas to treat on my forehead especially around my brows and Kelsey nailed it! In the many years of getting botox treatments, Kelsey, is by far the best and most precise injector I have had. Because of my wonderful experience with Kelsey I decided to have her start Morpheus treatment ls on my very wrinkly belly. I completed my 1st session and once again Kelsey blew me away. The level of care Kelsey provides with her extensive knowledge is second to none. Highly recommend. Christy D.

How Does Morpheus8 Combine Microneedling and Radio Frequency Technology?

Morpheus treatment differs from other skin rejuvenation methods because it combines two distinct and highly effective approaches to create the results people desire. So, how does it combine microneedling and radio frequency?

First, Morpheus8 treatment is administered with the help of adjustable microneedles. The microneedles attached to the Morpheus8 device stimulate the body’s natural healing response by creating microscopic wounds, but they go beyond that. The wounds those needles create also open the door for the electromagnetic waves generated by radio frequency.

The electromagnetic waves that generate heat to improve collagen, elastin, and cell production can reach deeper into your body thanks to the microscopic wounds. Their effects intensify as a result of that. Furthermore, the wounds allow the electromagnetic waves to reach more parts of your body to produce better results.

People who try the Morpheus 8 treatment get the best of both microneedling and radio frequency technology. The microneedling and radio frequency technology combination allows Morpheus8 to provide rejuvenating effects superior to other methods.

What Are the Benefits of Morpheus8 Treatment?

Morpheus8 excels at skin rejuvenation, but what exactly does that mean? To appreciate Morpheus8 fully, we must go over the specific benefits it provides.

For starters, Morpheus8 can address your skin blemishes. Skin blemishes are often byproducts of aging and prolonged exposure to harmful elements like sunlight. Those blemishes may come in the form of wrinkles and discolored patches on your skin.

The new cells created by Morpheus8 can help reduce the signs of sun damage. At the same time, the supercharged production of collagen and elastin will help with your fine lines and wrinkles. The collagen and elastin can add more volume to your skin and reduce the prominence of those blemishes.

Skin tightening is another major benefit of Morpheus8 treatment. Once again, you can thank collagen and elastin for changing the appearance of your skin. Those two proteins can make your skin more flexible. The added flexibility will help your skin retain its form better, thus leading to decreased sagging.

Hydrafacial back treatment is a great option if you struggle with back acne. Alternatively, you can also address that issue with the help of Morpheus8. Morpheus8 is also useful against other types of acne and associated scars.

Using Morpheus8 for skin rejuvenation is also a good idea because it addresses often-overlooked skin issues. Many people with enlarged pores do not know how to reduce their prominence. Morpheus8 offers a solution for that. It can also help with issues that adversely affect your skin’s texture.

The numerous benefits of Morpheus8 make it ideally suited for skin rejuvenation. No matter what cosmetic issue you have been struggling with, you can count on Morpheus8 to provide an effective solution.

What Can You Expect During Morpheus8 Treatment?

Since Morpheus8 relies on small needles and heat to rejuvenate the skin, you may wonder what receiving that treatment feels like. Your concerns are understandable, but you have nothing to worry about.

Before Morpheus8 treatment begins, your service provider will apply a topical anesthetic to the target area. The pain associated with Morpheus8 is already minimal, but the addition of an anesthetic will make it nearly imperceptible.

You may not even feel the tiny needles passing over your skin. The only thing you may feel during treatment is the heat generated by the device.

Note that there are also different Morpheus8 devices available. The smaller device is better for targeted treatment, while its larger counterpart can send the electromagnetic waves deeper into your body. They excel at addressing skin issues related to tissue problems. Your service provider may use both devices during your treatment.

Are you hoping to experience the benefits of Morpheus8 treatment firsthand? We at KarasMatic Day Spa can help with that. Contact us today so you can schedule your Morpheus8 treatment appointments at our Port Jefferson, NY, location!