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IPL Facial

Completely protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays can be challenging. If your skin has sustained noticeable sun damage, do not forget that getting an IPL facial can help address that issue. Schedule an IPL photofacial treatment and work on eliminating your unwanted blemishes.


Once you destroy the cells that comprise the blemishes, you may see noticeable flakes fall away from your skin. Alternatively, the different lights may also destroy the cells of the blemishes to the point where your body can absorb them. Do not worry about your body absorbing the blemishes because they will have no ill effects.

I couldn’t recommend this place enough! I was referred by a friend to go see Karen at Karasmatic because I wanted to brighten my skin for my upcoming wedding. I met with Karen and instantly trusted her with my skin! I know ZERO about skin and treatments so I put my trust into Karen. Over the past few months my skin toned has evened out and I feel much happier with my skin. 10/10 would recommend this spa to anyone looking for some guidance to their skin! Celine C.

What Are the Benefits of IPL Treatment?

Treating your skin conditions using IPL treatment is a great idea. This treatment can yield numerous benefits designed to improve your complexion.

What benefits can you expect from IPL facials? Learn more about them by going through the entries below.

Effective and Simultaneous Treatment for Numerous Skin Conditions

People seek out IPL facials because they can treat a wide range of skin problems. Those skin conditions include acne, age spots, birthmarks, discolored spots, enlarged pores, fine lines, freckles, rosacea, scars, unwanted hairs, and wrinkles. You can expect the appearance of those blemishes to improve after you set up treatment with a specialist.

Remember that IPL treatment addresses several conditions simultaneously. While other facials can also work wonders on your skin problems, you may need to schedule them separately. Making room in your schedule for multiple treatment appointments may not be necessary if you are relying on IPL facials.

For people with limited time to spare for skin treatment, an IPL facial can be a convenient option.

Minimal Discomfort During Treatment

Many of the skin rejuvenating treatments available today cause minimal discomfort. You can expect the same thing from an IPL facial.

Pain will not be a factor during your IPL facial as long as an experienced specialist administers it. During treatment, you may feel nothing more than a mild stinging sensation as the wavelengths of light interact with your skin. You may also notice some redness after treatment, but that should quickly subside. The redness should completely disappear by the next day.

Quick Treatment Sessions

Not everyone has the luxury of getting anti-aging treatment whenever they want. Hectic schedules and lengthy treatment sessions may make it nearly impossible for you to find any suitable time to receive skin treatment. IPL facials offer more flexibility in that regard.

A typical treatment session featuring intense pulsed light takes around 30 minutes at most. You should have an easier time in your schedule to accommodate that 30-minute treatment session.

Reduced Downtime

Finding an open slot in your schedule may not be the only time-related issue that can prevent you from securing skincare. In some cases, the required recovery time may even be the bigger problem. Some skin treatments require recipients to avoid going outside or engaging in strenuous activities for weeks or months. Lengthy downtimes are not associated with IPL facials.

Feel free to complete other chores after your specialist appointment. You should not experience any ill effects that can prevent you from completing other chores.

Long-Lasting Results

Finally, you should consider getting an IPL facial over the other available options because of how long its results last. The effects of IPL facials can last for several months or even an entire year. If you like the results of your original treatment, you can also return for more sessions.

IPL facials offer convenient and effective solutions for various skin conditions. Experience their benefits firsthand by partnering with us at KarasMatic Day Spa. You can also visit our office in Bayport, NY, to schedule your next treatment session!